Andy Dan

ALBUM REVIEW: Themes from an Imaginary Icelandic Detective Series

Atmospheric. Unexpected. Wow.

These are the three words that first came to mind when I sat down to listen to a pre-release recording of Andy Dan’s new musical exploration. More often than not, an album or CD’s title doesn’t really tell us much other than who the artist is, or if it’s studio of live recording. This one however, pretty much nails it. 

Even without the very descriptive track titles, you very much get a sense that something is going on behind the scenes; and it’s very easy to image your own series of events as you listen to the album. And for me that’s what this album is. A story unfolding, with little verbal direction to guide us one way or another.

This album isn’t for everyone. If you prefer more uplifting music, I definitely recommend Andy’s previous recordings, such as “Glasgow Smile” and “I Staved the World (By Staying Home)” (the later with Phil Doleman). However if you a fan of evocative soundtracks and soundscapes, I highly recommend Themes from an Imaginary Icelandic Detective Series.

[Full transparency: Andy kindly provided me with a digital copy for review, however I love it so much I have ordered a copy of CD!]

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