Sitting around with your uke, wondering what to play next? We can help!

Why not try Morgana’s Random Chord Pattern #01. Start now and collect the whole set!

It’s non fat, sugar and gluten free AND won’t break the bank! (Or any other large city infrastructure!) So try it today and you’ll be on to you way to random Ukulele goodness!*

(*Approved for both Baritone AND standard tuning!)

We now return you to your regular scheduled programming….

Okay, so that was a lot of silliness, but why not? They don’t call it “playing” for nothing. Every now and then I’ll be posting a new Random Chord set, for you to try out on your uke. And before you ask, the chords are named because I wanted them to be friendly for both baritone and standard ukulele tuning, and also because it have to do a little work yourself looking them up, you will have a much better chance of remembering.  So have a go, and have fun!

PS don’t forget to check out the Random Chord Challenge!

Random Chord Pattern #01
Random Chord Pattern #02
Random Chord Pattern #03