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Get Bluesy on your Uke: A Review

I always find it intriguing when any workshop advertises as ‘For all levels’; as more often than not this really means it’s pitched mainly at beginners and not a lot for those further along. However today’s workshop with Stu Fuchs was a pleasant surprise. The first half was definitely full of good solid foundation info for the beginner (and it never hurts to go over the basics). But it was the second part that made me (as an intermediate player) sit up and pay attention.

I’m familiar with Stu’s video tutorials, and his teaching style. I know it’s not easy to try to cater for different levels of playing (and musical understanding) all at the same time, and I applaud the way today’s workshop provided the basics for those who needed it, and enough tasty bits to keep the rest of us going.

The two and half hour-ish workshop (we were having so much fun we went a little over) was broken up into three parts, with two much appreciated short five minute breaks in between. The Q&A and mini concert were excellent (there is always something to learn watching Stu play). The PDF handouts were clear and helpful, and I really like that the workshop was recorded with replays available for 60 days.

With lots of positive feedback in the workshop chat, I think it’s fair to say the workshop was a great success. Thanks again Stu, and I look forward to the next one (Baritone or intermediate, if you’re taking requests…)

You can find more details on the workshop at Stu Fuchs website here: www.stufuchs.com/calendar